Beard grooming

Beard grooming

Shaving smooth is not for you? Even so, we will take good care of your beard, straighten, scent, advise, nourish and shave the contours. We’ll pour you a glass or a coffee before you lay back in our chair.

460 CZK

Shaving "Hot Towel"

The Hot Towel razor shave is a gentleman’s ritual and a unique shaving process where you can relax and enjoy the feeling of a sharp blade running down your face in the hands of an experienced sailor. You can have a glass of courage and after we apply a softening shave gel and hot towel to your face, you won’t even feel the razor. Scented, clean-shaven and fortified by a glass or coffee, you can set sail for your next adventure.

460 CZK

Beard straightening

Hoho, Captain, finally it’s growing and it has a direction? Or is every beard going in a different direction? If it’s going to have length and shape, it just needs a little comparison! A special service that will make your beard visually longer, straighter and neater. The effect is long lasting! More information on board, can be added to at the same time to the other services separately.

400 CZK

Paraffin hand wrap

The hands of a rough sailor need a little care from time to time. You can indulge in paraffin for any service you like. Give your hands, which hold your destiny, a little relaxation and regeneration. The paraffin will nourish your skin, dilate your blood vessels, pour more blood into your veins.

100 CZK

Captain's cut + beard trim / Hot Towel

One of the most requested services in general in men’s barbershops. Please have a seat, we know what you mean. You don’t want to be shaved smooth? Would you like a haircut? A beard trim? Sure, once every two to three weeks it wants a little refresh, trim, contour, straighten the beard, take a moment to relax and walk away like an alpha captain refreshed and looking forward to the next time. Tell us what you need, Captain, and we’re on it.

980 CZK

Razor shaving and beard trimming

Captain, it’s not growing anymore? Or do you like it that way? No problem here! A radical cut is sometimes the best option and we welcome change and will straighten your beard to match.

960 CZK

Give the gift of a unique and luxurious experience

Beard Grooming and Shaving Hot Towell

Dárkový poukaz

Give the gift of a “Hot Towel” razor shave. This is a gentleman’s ritual and a unique shaving process during which the recipient can relax and enjoy the feeling of a sharp blade running down his face in the hands of an experienced sailor. The beard is well cared for, aligned, scented, advised, nourished and contours shaved.

Captain's haircut and beard trim

Dárkový poukaz

Give the gift of a full service package from our barbershop. We will straighten, scent, consult, nourish and shave the contours of your beard. We will also provide a consultation and cut recommendation if needed, contour, shave the neck with a razor, straighten eyebrows as needed, wash hair, blow dry, style and scent with cologne.