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Cut to the captain

Dárkový poukaz

Give the gift of an unforgettable full-service experience that includes a consultation and possible cut recommendation. We will also contour, shave the neck with a razor, straighten the eyebrows as needed, wash the hair, blow dry, style, scent the cologne and with a good drink or cup of coffee, the recipient can set sail into the world.

Captain Extra

Dárkový poukaz

Give the gift of an uncompromising experience in the form of our complete barber shop services. You may already know the haircut and razor shave. A captain’s cut and razor shave is accompanied by the experience of plucking eyebrows with a thread or shaving with a razor applying men’s black, a facial mask, paraffin hand wrap, hair removal (as needed – nose, ears,…), head massage, final styling and a glass of alcohol or coffee is a matter of course.

Beard Grooming and Shaving Hot Towel

Dárkový poukaz

Give the gift of a “Hot Towel” razor shave. This is a gentleman’s ritual and a unique shaving process during which the recipient can relax and enjoy the feeling of a sharp blade running down his face in the hands of an experienced sailor. The beard is well cared for, aligned, scented, advised, nourished and contours shaved.

Captain's haircut and beard trim

Dárkový poukaz

Give the gift of a full service package from our barbershop. We will straighten, scent, consult, nourish and shave the contours of your beard. We will also provide a consultation and cut recommendation if needed, contour, shave the neck with a razor, straighten eyebrows as needed, wash hair, blow dry, style and scent with cologne.

Gift voucher

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